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Use this form to let us know how many VHS, VHS-C, Video 8 or miniDV tapes, regular 8mm or super 8mm film you have and we'll contact you with a price. You can also call 330-272-1116 Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm EST.

8mm film length by canister diameter size: 3" Reel = 50ft • 4" Reel = 100ft • 5" Reel=200ft • 6" Reel = 300ft • 7" Reel = 400ft

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These tape usually have 2 hours or more of video. We will remove any TV shows and keep only family videos (unless requested not to) These smaller tapes used an adapter to play in the VCR. They usally held 30-90 minutes of video. We will combine the shorter tapes to fill a DVD. This includes Video8, miniDV and small compact DVDs. These held up to 90 minutes of video Priced by the foot. Use the chart above to estimate the quantity. Your film will be cleaned, transfered, color corrected, enhanced, and music will be added.

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