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Cost of Video and 8MM film transfer to DVD or digital

Video and Film Transfer Service Cost

The best option is to give us a call at 330-967-0599 or use our estimate request form if you are unsure on how to order your videotape or film transfer. We are happy to help you preserve your families legacy.

How we charge for videotape transfer service.

Don't Pay Per VHS Videotape to convert your memories! Some tapes only have 15 minutes of good video. Our Transfer Technicians combine videos to fill up to two hour on each DVD. We do our best to fill each DVD without cutting in the middle of an event. Using this method to convert VHS to DVD and digitals ensures that you only pay for the memories you want.

Our videotape conversion price starts at $23/DVD (with approximately 2 hours of video). Quantity discounts available. Order online.

Example: You have 6 video tapes. 3 tapes have 20 minutes and 3 have 60 minutes of video. That equals 4 hours of video which is 2 DVDs.

How we charge for 8mm film

8mm film conversion to DVD and digital starts at .25/foot of film. Quantity discounts available. Our film transfer includes film cleaning, digital transfer, speed adjustment, flicker removal, color correction and background music.

Film length based on diameter of Reel

Cost of Video and 8MM film transfer to DVD or digital

To calculate the amount of feet you have on your film reel use the chart below. Measure across the reel to get the size. If your film reel is not completely full then only measure the diameter of the film on the reel. When we receive your film conversion order we will double check your numbers and contact you if a correction is needed.


  • 3 inch reel = 50 ft
  • 4 inch reel - 100 ft
  • 5 inch reel - 200 ft
  • 6 inch reel - 300 ft
  • 7 inch reel - 400 ft

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