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We have a Video transfer service that converts your old videos from VHS/DVD or MiniDV tape to digital files on a DVD disc or a downloaded file on your computer.

We can help you preserve your old movies. If you have a home movie collection, there is no reason to let it go to waste.

We can transfer any slides and negatives to digital with our slide transfer service. Our service includes color correction and minor repair.

About Our Transfer Service

Media conversion service

Media Tansfer Equipment

Even though we are transferring old media we use the top quality equipment to achieve high-quality video and image files.

Video and Film Transfer Tech

Trained Transfer Technicians

Our techs stay up to date on the latest video and film software and harware to acheive the best results

Film Transfer Near Me

Our Memory Transfering Experience

Our team has been working together for almost ten years. We have transfered thousands of hours of memories

sVideo, Film & Slides Transfer

Video, Film & Slides Transfer Preperation

We take the time to clean and sort your old film, videos, slides and photos to ensure the best results.

Video Transfer Service

More Than Just Transfering

Our transfer techs take the time to edit out unwanted video; TV show, snowie video, damaged film, or customer requests.

Old video transfer service

Your Memories Are Important

Each order is stored and handled with care to prevent damage or loss. Preserving your legacy is our number one concern.

Affordable VHS & 8MM Film Conversion to DVD or Digital

Old Videotape and 8mm Film Transferred to Digital and DVD

Are all your memories stuck on outdated media like 8mm Film, VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, MiniDV or Mini DVDs? Many of these old video formats are not very good for storing memories for the long term. VHS conversion of your favorite memories will prevent your precious legacy from fading away. Even when VHS tapes are not played, quality and durability decreases as the years go on. 8MM Film tends to be slightly more stable, but certain colors will fade over time. No one wants to see the once crisp images of loved ones yellowed in memory or looking a little blue.

At iM Video Transfer, we encourage you to dust off your old VHS tapes and revisit the memories trapped on old media formats! We'll transform your old, underutilized VHS tapes and 8mm film into new DVDs or digital files. Our Video Transfer technicians will give new life to your memories with editing, music, color correction, personalization, and more! We also take special projects! If you have a collection of old slides or photographs, we can put them on DVD or in a digital file, too!

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