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  • Affordable VHS & 8MM Film Conversion to DVD or Digital

  • Affordable VHS & 8MM Film Conversion to DVD or Digital

8MM Film Transfer by Foot or Reel

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Video Tape Transfer by Tape or Hour

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Slides, Negatives & Photo Scanning

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Our Video & Film Transfer Process


8mm film transfer

Step One:

Package films and videos and deliver to our transfer lab or drop-off location.

Local Drop-off Locations


Convert VHS tape

Step Two:

Our Transfer Tech organizes, cleans, and converts your memories to video format.


memories transfered

Step Three:

Our Tech then combines video, edits out the bad video, color-corrects, bookmarks, and grabs stills for the cover.


convert old memories

Step Four:

Your DVDs will be packaged for pickup and returned to your drop off location ready for you to enjoy with your family.

convert vhs VIDEO & 8MM FILM

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VHS, Videotape, and 8mm Film Transferred to DVD and Digital

Are all your memories stuck on outdated media like 8mm Film, VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, MiniDV or Mini DVDs? Many of these old video formats are not very good for storing memories for the long term. VHS conversion of your favorite memories will prevent your precious legacy from fading away. Even when VHS tapes are not played, quality and durability decreases as the years go on. 8MM Film tends to be slightly more stable, but certain colors will fade over time. No one wants to see the once crisp images of loved ones yellowed in memory or looking a little blue.

At iM Video Transfer, we encourage you to dust off your old VHS tapes and revisit the memories trapped on old media formats! We'll transform your old, underutilized VHS tapes and 8mm film into new DVDs or digital files. Our Video Transfer technicians will give new life to your memories with editing, music, color correction, personalization, and more! We also take special projects! If you have a collection of old slides or photographs, we can put them on DVD or in a digital file, too!

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